Mixtures (a.o. meadow mixtures)

This is a category 1 (sub)crop. It is not possible to apply for derogation for the use of non organic propagating material.

Variety name Selection Supplier Available from BIO/Demeter
Allround Zaadhandel W. v.d. Maanen 1/31/2018
Bar EKO met witte klaver Barenbrug Holland B.V. Variety Administr. 3/22/2018
Bio maaien (Ditetra) Agrifirm NWE BV 4/4/2016
Bio maaien (Ditetra) DLF B.V. 1/5/2015
Bio Turbo Productie Zaadhandel W. v.d. Maanen 1/31/2018
Bio weiden (Diploïd) Agrifirm NWE BV 4/4/2016
Bio weiden (Diploïd) DLF B.V. 1/5/2015
BioMax Vlamings BV 7/1/2019
BioMax Zaadhandel Neutkens B.V. 3/4/2020
BioMax Agrifirm NWE BV 1/1/2014
BioMax DLF B.V. 1/5/2015
BioMax Diplo Zaadhandel Neutkens B.V. 3/4/2020
Country Balance Vlamings BV 7/1/2019
Country Balance Zaadhandel Neutkens B.V. 3/4/2020
Country Balance Agrifirm NWE BV 4/4/2016
Country Balance DSV zaden Nederland 2/24/2016
Country Balance GeDo Veevoeders 1/1/2018
Country Balance Poldergraan B.V. 3/28/2019
Dairymaïs Bio Excellent Agrifirm NWE BV 1/2/2020
ForageMax no 735 DLF B.V. 1/5/2015
ForageMax Weidemengsel DLF B.V. 1/5/2015
Grass Balance Eco Agrifirm NWE BV 1/1/2014
Havera 1 Vlamings BV 3/20/2018
Havera 1 Zaadhandel Neutkens B.V. 3/4/2020
Havera 1 Poldergraan B.V. 3/28/2019
Havera 1 ProfytoDSD 4/12/2019
Havera 4 Vlamings BV 2/11/2016
Havera 4 Zaadhandel Neutkens B.V. 3/4/2020
Havera 4 Poldergraan B.V. 3/28/2019
Havera 4 ProfytoDSD 4/12/2019
Mengsel 1 Bio-Ron 9/1/2018
Mengsel 2 Bio-Ron 9/1/2018
Mengsel 3 Bio-Ron 9/1/2018
Mengsel 4 Bio-Ron 9/1/2018
Poldermix BIO Poldergraan B.V. 5/15/2019
Poldermix BIO ProfytoDSD 5/15/2019
Terralife Bio Actief Groen Vlamings BV 7/1/2019
Terralife Bio Actief Groen ProfytoDSD 5/15/2019
TerraLife Landsberger Gemenge Eko Vlamings BV 3/20/2018
TerraLife Landsberger Gemenge Eko Zaadhandel Neutkens B.V. 3/4/2020
TerraLife Landsberger Gemenge Eko GroeiPartners B.V. 1/1/2019
TerraLife Landsberger Gemenge Eko DSV zaden Nederland 6/18/2018
TerraLife Landsberger Gemenge Eko GeDo Veevoeders 1/1/2018
TerraLife Landsberger Gemenge Eko ProfytoDSD 5/15/2019
Terralife Legufit Vlamings BV 7/1/2019
Terralife Legufit ProfytoDSD 5/15/2019
Terralife Solanum Vlamings BV 7/1/2019
Terralife Solanum ProfytoDSD 5/15/2019
TopDairyMix High Sugar eco VisscherHolland 4/25/2019
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