White clover

This is a category 1 (sub)crop. It is not possible to apply for derogation for the use of non organic propagating material.

Variety name Selection Supplier Available from BIO/Demeter
Alice Vlamings BV 2/11/2016
Alice Barenbrug Holland B.V. Variety Administr. 3/22/2018
Alice Poldergraan B.V. 3/28/2019
Alice ProfytoDSD 4/12/2019
Jura Zaadhandel Neutkens B.V. 10/7/2019
Jura J. Joordens' Zaadhandel B.V. 7/30/2019
Jura Zaadhandel W. v.d. Maanen 1/1/2014
Klondike DLF B.V. 1/5/2015
Lena Agrifirm NWE BV 4/4/2016
Liflex Vlamings BV 7/1/2019
Liflex DSV zaden Nederland 2/24/2016
Liflex GeDo Veevoeders 1/1/2018
Nemuniai Zaadhandel Neutkens B.V. 10/7/2019
Nemuniai Poldergraan B.V. 3/28/2019
Nemuniai ProfytoDSD 4/12/2019
Rivendel Zaadhandel Neutkens B.V. 9/16/2019
Rivendel DLF B.V. 1/5/2015
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